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  • Data as a Service: Digital Traffic Systems offers a full turnkey service to our customers that includes (1) Communications, (2) Deployment & Installation, (3) Maintenance & Service and (4) Data Collection & Distribution. You only pay when you are getting quality data and we are responsible for the rest.
  • Communications Plans: Digital Traffic Systems can survey your location for available data carriers and then make the arrangements for you to gain access to the site information. The baseline portableRWIS will come with modems on board. This can be billed direct to your account or you can arrange for the communications.
  • Training & Installation: Digital Traffic Systems can provide the services of a technician to train your staff in the deployment of a system. This can be provided on site at our facility or yours.
  • Maintenance & Service: Digital Traffic System can provide routine maintenance services while you have the units in your possession. This can be customized to your needs and would be provided at your sites.
  • Data Collection & Distribution: Working with our Partners, Digital Traffic Systems can collect and distribute the data from the portableRWIS installations.
  • Customization: Based upon customer feedback and experience, Digital Traffic Systems is offering its “baseline” portableRWIS.  In the event that a customer has special requirements or desires an alternate configuration, we can conduct tradeoff assessments regarding power, equipment, installation, communications and budget to come up with a system that will meet your requirements.
  • ​Transport: Based upon the size of the unit/s, Digital Traffic Systems will arrange for best way transport to your location.  When your desired service has ended, we will coordinate the pickup of the unit/s.  This can either be billed direct to your account or you can pay for transport directly with the carrier of your choice.

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